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Board of Education, Superintendent discuss duties, projects, at open work session Wednesday

By staff

At an open work session Wednesday, the Wadsworth Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Andrew Hill discussed powers, ethics and duties of the board, future capital projects, future textbook adoptions and the district's financial report.

Since three of the five members are new to the board this year, discussion of the powers, ethics and duties of the board began the meeting. The new members who took their seats this month are Mark Casalinova, Amanda Gordon and Julie Batey. Linda Kramer and David White are holdovers from the previous board.
One issue discussed was the role of a member concerning board actions in social gatherings. According to the board's bylaws and policies, "Individual members have no authority to speak or act for the Board." In addition, the Board President is the official spokesperson for the Board. This year, Kramer is serving in that position.
The Bylaws and Policies of the Board of Education can be found on the district's website: Wadsworth City Schools. Click on Board of Education in upper right hand corner. In center of that page at the top click on Link to Bylaws and Policies.
Future capital projects include items for the high school, main gymnasium, baseball/softball/track areas, the transportation building and cameras for some of the elementary schools.
Treasurer Doug Beeman said some of the capital items  may be financed from funds from the construction project which included a new high school and three new elementary buildings opened in 2012.
One of the proposed projects has been completed. That is the installation of cameras in the Middle School, Central Intermediate School and Franklin and Lincoln Elementary Schools. Those buildings are referred to collectively as "Legacy Schools" since they were built before the new buildings which opened in 2012.
According to information supplied, 18 cameras were installed at the Middle School; 26, Intermediate; and, six each at Franklin and Lincoln. The buildings which opened in 2012 were already wired for cameras.
In the textbook area, over $2 million is expected to be spent through 2018. For 2014-2015, texts for English and Language Arts are planned for adoption at a a cost of $450,000 and for high school business classes, estimated to cost $22,000..
Beeman informed the board that the most recent audit report for the system was "clean" and "everything was good." He also explained how funds from the Medina County Sales Tax for the school systems can be used and noted the property valuation in the district has declined.



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