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Wadsworth Community Television television rates to increase

By Beau Dusz correspondent

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City Council adopted legislation on Tuesday to raise Wadsworth Community Television cable rates on Jan. 1. (Beau Dusz/

WADSWORTH: Subscribers to Wadsworth Community Television will see a rate increase on Jan. 1.

On Tuesday, City Council adopted legislation to increase the rate for basic service to $13.75 monthly from the present $13.15 for the city. Subscribers in Wadsworth Township will see a jump from the present $14.40 to $15.10. Basic service offers 24 channels.

Enhanced service, which provides all the basic channels plus 49 others, will increase to $46.30 from $43.15 for the city. The township enhanced rate will be $50.90, up from $46.95.

Digital basic will increase to $57.60 monthly for city subscribers and to $63.30 for those in the township.

Enhanced service plus HD will go up to $53.60 for the city and $58.85 for the township, and digital basic plus HD will go up to $64.90 for the city and $71.30 for the township.

Councilman Dennis Shultz said the rate increase was a pass on cost and they were against the increase but didn't have a choice.

Service Director Chris Easton noted it was unfortunate programmers drove the increases because he thought there was a limit to what customers could accept. He acknowledged it was the programmers who were getting the benefit of the rate increases.

Safety Director Matt Hiscock urged all residents to sign up for the Medina County mass notification system of which Wadsworth is a member.

This system provides alerts through land phones, cell phones and e-mails of emergencies such as power outages, severe weather, amber alerts and other safety hazards.

To sign up, go to and click on "One Call Reaches All." Hiscock said this is a "vital system" and wants as many to sign up as possible.

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