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Wadsworth to introduce program to reduce electricity use, cost

By Beau Dusz correspondent

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Thermo Pic
Thermostats like these will be used in Wadsworth's Peak Reward Program, according to Service Director Chris Easton. (Photo courtesy of the city of Wadsworth)

A program to reduce the amount of electricity used and to potentially lower the amount customers pay for electricity during the summer months is now underway in Wadsworth.

The program, known as Wadsworth Peak Rewards, is voluntary. Customers of the city's electric system can opt into the program by visiting the city’s website.

With the Peak Rewards program, the city will install a web-programmable thermostat for free. This will allow the air conditioning, pool pump or electric hot water heater to be controlled when electricity usage is usually the highest and cost the greatest during a conservation period from June 1 to Sept. 30.

The subscriber will also have the ability to control the thermostat from a computer or cell phone anywhere in the world. A password the subscriber selects will keep others from controlling the thermostat. When a conservation period is in effect, the thermostat will glow red.

By controlling usage during conservation periods, the city's power supply will remain steady and the price for electricity is expected to be maintained below the national average.

In addition to possibly lowering the amount of electricity usage, the customer can receive a $25 installation bill credit within 60 days and a $10 per month bill credit June and through September. Customers opting into this system must have broadband service.

An extra $150 in credits may also be available. More information can be obtained by calling (330) 335-2888.

According to Service Director Chris Easton, "the city, with the customer's agreement, can control the air conditioning compressor or the electric hot heater or pool pump through the thermostat."

Easton noted another energy-saving program, referred to as Time-of-Use, is expected to have a web page in December.

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